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June 23 2018

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Empleo: Issue Management Officer:Banamex

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Issue Management Officer


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Job Purpose:
The Issue Management Officer (IMO) is part of the Issue Management Organization in Mexico and reports to the In-Business Control Officer (IBCO) and has a matrix reporting line to the Issue Management Head in the Office Of Governance and Control (OGC). The IMO is fully dedicated to issues management, and the primary purpose of this role is to facilitate communication and coordination between his/her managed Business(es) and the rest of the organization, including the OGC, acting as a primary support contact for issues management related matters. The incorporation of this role within the organization is an enabler for improvement and sustainability of the issues management practice in Mexico
Job Background/context:
Effective Issues Management, including early identification, prompt escalation, alignment to global/local policies and timely resolution is a top priority for Citi and is one of the accountabilities of Business Senior Managers and In-Business Control Officers that will be delegated to the Issue Management Officer.
Issue ownership will remain with Business Managers and the IMO will provide issues management expertise and coordination between the managed Business and the organization.
Key responsibilities:
Be fully knowledgeable in all corporate policies and procedures related to issues management as well as risk discipline, problem solving and project planning methodologies to provide Issues Management Subject Matter Expertise within the managed Business
   » Drive Issue Owners and CAP Owners through the end-to-end issue lifecycle, fostering adherence to corporate policies, standards and procedures
   » Foster prompt escalation when issues are identified and is responsible for capturing issues in iCAPS as soon as they are identified and achieving data integrity standard
   » Lead Issue Owners and Stakeholders for accurate issue definition, effective root cause analysis, project planning that integrates all the work required and all predictable dependencies, and timely resolution avoiding re-targets for closure
   » Support Issue Owners and CAP Owners to meet all Quality Assurance and Independent Validation components
   » Support Issue Owners and CAP Owners to process Re-target requests and approvals
   » Monitor  entitlements for iCAPS and make sure that only the appropriate users within the managed Business have the right entitlements
   » Manage the Corrective Action Plans portfolio owned by the managed Business to distribute the workload as per the installed capacity, prioritizing the resolution of critical issues, based on issue severity rating and/or Business priorities
   » Serve as support to the business to manage interactions between the managed Business and Internal Audit, Compliance Testing, and other assessment entities for issues management related matters
   » Act as the primary contact and responsible to provide updates for global and local groups (including the OGC) related to issue status reporting activities.
   » Actively participate and contribute to cross-business issues analysis to prevent occurrence in other businesses.
   » Actively participate in training sessions and give training within the managed Business.
   » Actively participate in recurrent issues management working groups.
   » Proactively provide feedback to the Issue Management Unit Head to improve issues management practice. Knowledge/Experience:
   »  2 years of experience in Risk management,  Audit and/or internal control
   » At least 2 years of experience in project planning and project/program management of Business experience in Management, Control & Operations, Fraud or related in any of the following: Retail, Digital Banking, Patrimonial, Small Businesses, Mortgages, Insurance.
   » Knowledgeable in the CIA methodology
   » Knowledgeable in the PMP methodology
   » Knowledgeable in problem solving methodologie
   » Experience processing large data files and multiple data sources to construct reports (excel, no big data)
   » Experience processing large data files and multiple data sources to construct reports Qualifications:
   » Bachelor's degree in Administration, Engineering, Finance, Accounting or related
   » CIA certification preferable
   » PMI certification preferable
   » Fluent in English and Spanish
   »Goal-oriented thinker
   » Strong ability to understand problems and focus on root cause analysis
   » Strong interpersonal skills - including teamwork and organizational skills
   » Strong written and verbal communication skills  (English and Spanish)
   » Strong analytical skills and attention to detail and numbers
   » Ability to handle frustration, work under pressure with tight deadlines and unexpected requirements and priority changes
   » Demonstrates solid project management skills in relation to: project plan development, budget planning, dependencies identification, identify and manage stakeholders, oriented to deliverables
   » Ability to follow methodologies and have limited tolerance to deviations and exceptions

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